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Welcome to Yellow Scarf. A small, one page, shrine dedicated to Kida, Masaomi from the anime series as well as manga and light novel, Durarara. This is not meant to be a full 'shrine' but I hope to give plenty of details about this character on this one page. When I first started to watch Durarara I didn't really think all that much about Kida, Masaomi. In fact, he was just another 'silly' character who didn't seem to have much point. It wasn't until a bit of his past came into view and he instantly became one of my favorite characters.

This page will be very opinionated and may be biased toward certain relationships and personality. I will do my best to make it as accurate as possible though. If you haven't watched all of the Durarara anime or read what was going on in the current light novels then you should be made aware of all the spoilers.

Anyway, now that the introduction is done. Enjoy your stay and I hope you find my website helpful!

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Masaomi Kida comes from a series that started out as just a light novel in Japanese but then became an anime series and manga series. The popularity of the series grew quickly and that series I'm speaking of is Durarara. Durarara!! is a light novel written by Ryohgo Narita and illustrated by Suzuhito Yasuda. There are no main characters in Durarara but yet all the character are equal in importance and the show wouldn't be the same without them. Masaomi is no exception. He is the one to invite his best friend Mikado Ryugamine to Ikebukuro, which is where the entire series starts.

Masaomi seems like the happy-go-lucky best friend that warns Mikado of all the dangers of Ikebukuro but he himself holds a lot of dark secrets.

The narrative follows all of the characters equally, showing how their lives intersect, creating a greater plot line from what each character knows about a common incident. - Wikipedia

Masaomi: Nice To Meet You.

Kida Masaomi Kida Masaomi
Kida Masaomi Kida Masaomi

Height: 170cm
Weight: 60kg
Blood type: A
Age: 15 (debut), 16 (current)
Birthday: June 19
Handle Name: Bakyura
Interests: Skirt chasing
Favorite subject: English
Disliked subject: History
Favorite food: Eating with girls
Disliked food: Eating with just guys
Motto: "Love is a leveler"

Appearance: Masaomi has short blond hair (which is dyed) with long bangs. He wears two earrings silver ear cuffs match each other on each ear. He has golden brown eyes that seem to sparkle when he talks unless he is leading his gang then they can look cold and mean. Most of the time you see him wearing his light blue school uniform, fixed with the hooded white sweater he wears instead of the uniform shirt and tie. When he is not in uniform he is usually wearing the same sweater with black jeans and brown boots with, of course, his yellow scarf either around his wrist or his neck (it really depends on the light novel or the anime). His looks give him a very friendly and flirty feeling most of the time. People tend to be drawn to him.

Personality: Masaomi is usually a very cheerful and flirty guy. He loves to ask girls out and proclaims his love for them. He also tends to talk a lot and is very animated when doing so. Though it is pretty obvious his over enthusiasm is a cover up for other things he is feeling. When he isn't being cheerful he can throw a temper in anger. He is also a great fighter which is why he ended up being the leader of the Yellow Scarfs.

His Story: Masaomi starts of meeting his friend Mikado Ryugamine at the train station to help show him around Ikebukuro. He is very enthusiastic as he tells Mikado who to stay away from and watch out for. Right at first he seems like a pretty average guy except for the fact that he is bubbly and likes to ramble. He likes to go around and flirt with many girls or as he would say pick up girls. Though, none of them bite and just walk away from his silly antics.

In truth Masaomi is not just a cheerful young boy. He has a dark secret that he is trying to move on from but failing at. He was once the leader of a gang called Yellow Scarfs (or Yellow Turbans). He actually started the gang on accident and it just escalated into something he could no longer control. It started because he would get involved with simple fights all having to do with stopping bullies. Because of that, people started to gather around him. It grew quickly because friends of friends would end up joining. Then they started to fight on his behalf. Eventually they were referred to as the Yellow Scarfs (Yellow Turbans).

During all of this, Masaomi is talking to Mikado about his life but when the gang starts he stops telling Mikado things and just starts to talk about the town instead. Yet he desperately wanted someone to approve of him, the way he was now. That is when he meets Saki Mikajima, a young girl who seems to show interest in him. It is only the beginning of all the turmoil he is about to go through though. The gangs start to get out of control when they end up at war with another gang called Blue Squares. Fortunately (or unfortunately) he is also an acquaintance of Izaya Orihara whom he met at the same time as Saki. Izaya gives him information about the Blue Squares to help stop the fights, but what Kida doesn't know is that Izaya is also helping the Blue Squares leader.

Just when Masaomi thinks things are going okay he gets a call from the leader of the Blue Squares that tells him that his girlfriend has been kidnapped. Masaomi has no idea what to do, he is angry and scared and needs help so he tries to call Izaya but gets no answer. So in a blind rage and worry he runs out in the rain to go and find her to stop them from hurting her more. Yet, when he gets to the location he freezes and can't seem to go inside to save her. He is lost after this, because he could not save the girl he loved. He questions himself on if he really loved her or not because he thinks if he did he wouldn't have froze up that way. He ends up breaking up with her and quits being the leader of the Yellow Scarfs. He wants to go back to being a normal high school student so he invites Mikado to Ikebukuro.

He is free from his duties for a while by hanging out with Mikado and Anri, but the things that Izaya once told him after the Saki event come back to haunt him. He was told that he would never be able to get away from her because of the guilt he felt from not being able to save her. He starts to see more Yellow Scarfs as they try to convince him to be the leader again because of the new gang that has appeared called the Dollars. He ignores them at first, of course, telling them not to bother him anymore but then Anri gets hurt and he thinks it is because of the Dollars so he goes back to being the leader so that he can get his revenge on the person who hurt his friend. What he doesn't know is that, while he was gone, he got a lot of new members who are not really Yellow Scarf members but actually Blue Squares members in hiding. They want to destroy Masaomi and take over his gang so that they will be the only ones. They also want to eliminate the Dollars by using the Yellow Scarfs. Since Masaomi is against actually fighting regular people, because the Dollars are just internet people, they start to go against his wishes.

Not knowing what to do Masaomi finally decides to ask Izaya who the leader of the Dollars is. At first he thinks it might actually be Izaya but he is surprised to find out that the leader is actually his childhood friend, Mikado. He doesn't know what to make of it. Izaya messes with him and tells him that Mikado must not think of him as a friend like he does of Mikado. This new information makes him pull away even more from his new friends and way of life.

The Yellow Scarfs start to turn on Masaomi. He is even prepared to get into a huge fight and kill someone, even if it means he dies as well. Masaomi learns that a large amount of the new members were once members of the Blue Squares. They decide they don't need him as a leader anymore so Masaomi has to fight them. He starts to win until he gets hit in the head by a nail puller. Just when you think he is about to die because of a gun being pointed at his head another one of the members stop him. This member is not normal anymore because he has red eyes and says that mother would be said if they killed him. Then he tells them that mother is there. It turns out to be Anri, one of his friends. She is carrying a huge sword and Masaomi is confused. At the same time Mikado shows up riding on the back of The Black Rider. They rush to his side when they see he is on the floor and bleeding. At that moment, all the information that had been flowing between them and all the suspicions they had of each other no longer mattered. They all just wished for each others safety.

Masaomi is taken to the hospital as Kyohei Kadota fights off the Blue Squares and Celty (The Black Rider) and Shizuo Heiwajima take care of the guy who tried to start the Blue Squares back up again. While Masaomi is recovering he gets visited by Saki who is standing. She tells him that her not being able to walk was a lie and that she was brought to him by Izaya. He tells her he already knew this though. He forgives her as they hold each other and become a couple again. Once he has recovered the two of them decide to leave town and work for Izaya to help pay off all her medical bills.

For the rest of the series he is still working for Izaya. He ends up joining the Dollars chat room so that he can keep in touch with Mikado sense he will no longer see him in school. However, Izaya is still using Masaomi as a way to mess with Mikado now. He gets mad at him and yells at him over the phone, asking him what he told Mikado but Izaya never answers and hangs up on him because he hates being yelled at. At this point I'm not really sure what all Masaomi is doing, that is because I only know bits and pieces of the light novel after volume 4. All I know is that he is working for Izaya out of the town, doing some spying on something or someone. He also happens to run into a scene that has him scared of his best friend Mikado and he starts to wonder if staying away was actually a good idea in the long run.

Relationships: That yellow cloth is so pretty.

Saki Mikajima Saki Mikajima: Masaomi met Saki for the first time when he was still the leader of the Yellow Scarfs (or yellow turbans). She walks up to him and tells him that his yellow cloth is a very pretty color. Right away he goes off into flirting mode but she doesn't run away or ignore him like most guys. When she says his name without him telling her he is surprised and asks if she is an Esper. She tells him she is not the Esper, that it is someone else. Masaomi tries to scare her away by using dirty ways to talk to her because, even though she has dyed hair, she still seems like one of the 'good' girls to him. It doesn't work as she introduces him to a man he probably wishes he could have never met.

They start to become friends and then they start to date. Masaomi really likes her except for her obsession over Izaya. Still, he seems pretty happy to have finally found a girl who is not afraid of him being the leader of the Yellow Scarfs.

During this time his gang is having a fight with another gang called the Blue Squares. The leader of the Blue Squares is not nice like Masaomi though and plays dirty. He kidnaps Saki and calls Masaomi to tell him. Masaomi is angry and down right scared. He tries to call Izaya for help but Izaya does not answer so he starts to run after her. When he gets close to where she is he freezes in place and can't seem to move forward. He feels disgusted with himself because he was too scared to run in their and help her.

Saki is saved by other members of the Blue Squares who did not like the way their gang was going. She had her legs broken so she was taken to the hospital. She ended up in a coma for a short while and was told she would never be able to walk again. Masaomi feels guilty and pissed at the same time. He breaks it off with her once she comes too and decides to never be the leader of the Yellow Scarfs again.

Later, you find out that Saki had actually approached Masaomi under Izaya's instructions and had gone gone to the Blue Squares on her own to let herself be caught. She also lied to Masaomi that she could no longer walk. At the last moment she betrays Izaya by calling for help for Kida because she still loves him. She admits to everything and Kida forgives her. They leave the hospital together deciding to work for Izaya.

Mikado Ryugamine Mikado Ryugamine: Mikado is Masaomi's best friend from childhood. They both were born in the same small town but Masaomi ended up moving to Ikebukuro way before Mikdao. When Masaomi moves away they end up keeping in contact using email and chatting. That is when Masaomi convinces Mikado to come live in Ikebukuro. The two of them care for each other a whole lot but they also have no idea that the both of them are hiding big secrets.

While Masaomi is the leader of the Yellow Scarfs, Mikado happens to be the leader of a new gang called Dollars. When Masaomi finds out about this he is angry because he thinks Mikado is ordering them to do bad things, like attack their other best friend, Anri. They start to go their separate ways though Mikado is clueless as to why Masaomi is pulling away. After a big fight with Masaomi and his gang Mikado comes in to help him and take him to the hospital. They tell each other that they will always be friends no matter what.

Even though they told each other that, Masaomi ends up quitting school and disappearing, leaving Mikado worried but also making him decide to make sure when Masaomi comes back he feels safe and welcome.

Izaya Orihara Izaya Orihara: Masaomi meets Izaya at the same time he meets Saki. Masaomi had no idea that Izaya always had his eye on him though. He was the reason him and Saki met in the first place. He wanted to use Masaomi's influence on his gang to help start a war.

Masaomi is weary of him at first. Until Izaya starts to give him lots of information to help his gang out. Then Masaomi starts to let down his guard, even going to his house to talk to him in good spirits. Izaya just listens with an evil smile. When Saki gets taken by the Blue Squares Masaomi tries to call Izaya for information and help but Izaya just ignores his call. The reason is because he set it up in the first place.

Most of Masaomi's problems and anguish are because of Izaya. So, of course, Masaomi hates his guts. He even warns Mikado to never have anything to do with Izaya because he is dangerous. Unfortunately, even though Masaomi pulls away from Saki and the Yellow Scarfs, Izaya is not about to leave him alone. However, Saki ends up rating out Izaya's plans to Simon to help out Kida. The two of them make up and end up working for Izaya in the end. I think it is because Izaya paid for all of Saki's expenses so they are working to help repay him. Normally, Masaomi wouldn't have anything to do with Izaya ever again but he can't let Saki be alone around him anymore.

Even though Masaomi hates Izaya the feeling is not the same for Izaya. He finds Masaomi to be an interest human and likes to call him his little brother or The King of sacrificed pieces. After the huge ordeal with the Yellow Scarfs, they still have a lot of contact because he is working for him. They end up having really funny conversations with each other on the Dollars website and Masaomi calls Izaya and yells at him on the phone.

Anri Sonohara Anri Sonohara: Masaomi meets Anri because of Mikado. He likes to tease Mikado about his feelings for the girl but also likes to proclaim his own love for her. The three of them make a great team but even Anri is hiding a secret that the two boys do not know. She isn't exactly human being posses by the spirit of a sword called Saika.

When Anri ends up getting hurt because of Saika's children, Masaomi loses his cool as he remembers seeing Saki in the hospital. He is angry that she is hurt and he was not their to help her. So he ends up becoming the leader of the Yellow Scarfs again to try and track down the person who caused The Slasher. Which is actually Anri, herself, but he has no idea and thinks that the slasher comes from the new Dollars gang.

Anri gets worried about Masaomi and the way he is acting so she decides to sneak around, only to find out what he is up to. She is very upset by it but she doesn't want him to see her because she is afraid he will think she is a monster. It only causes more problems when she ends up riding away with the Black Rider whom they know to be a part of the Dollars gang. It starts an ugly war with the Dollars and Yellow Scarfs even though Masaomi tells them not to harm people.

In the end they both find out what is going on with each other but not much happens because Masaomi ends up quitting school. However, Anri and Mikado decide that they will wait for him together.

Sitely: Please, don't say anything.

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